PA Employees - Next Steps
  • You will receive an email (sent to the email address you used to register online to complete your application) with a link to the New Hire Paperwork tab on the applicant tracking system site. Please complete and save this paperwork prior to your physical.

  • Upon being Hired, you are required to complete a physical in Suite 355 in the Medical Office Building on the campus of Holy Redeemer Hospital. The recruiter schedules your physical directly with the Occupational Health office.  On the day of your scheduled appointment, we ask new hires to present your Photo I.D., along with the most recent documentation of any of the following health records.  You can gather these records from your current employee health department, physician's office or school.  Any required immunization/vaccine listed below will be provided, as needed, when documentation is not available.
    • Most recent PPD test or Quantiferon Test, Season Flu Vaccine, and Covid 19 vaccine (during the period of October 1st through March 31st)
    • Titers (blood draws that are done to determine antibody levels for different diseases such as hepatitis B or chicken pox)
    • Vaccination records (measles, mumps, rubella, varicella and hepatitis B)
  • Please complete all scheduled follow up visits with the Occupational Health provider.  Without clearance, a new hire is not permitted to start working and your on-boarding may be delayed two weeks.
  • On the day of your physical, please stop by the Human Resources department or the Talent Agency so you can review and complete the new hire paperwork.  You will be asked to include your signature and fill in your direct deposit information.  Bring your Social Security card and Photo ID, as well as your driver's license, registration and insurance, if applicable.  Please also return a signed copy of your offer letter if provided. You will also have your picture taken for your Redeemer Health ID badge.